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Creation of the Exhibition

The exhibition architecture and graphic design are the brainchild of Design Studio OUP – Anja Kropf, Edith Maier-Neretin, Frank Ockert, Thais Uchiyama Dieter, and Lucy Wang – and are based on certain fundamental considerations. The idea was for the show to stand for itself irrespective of the surrounding space. Eschewing formal quotations from Günter Behnisch’s architecture, the focus was on creating a playful yet matter-of-fact design. Taking care that the comprehensive mass of materials in the more than 1,000 m2 exhibition space maintained an open and accessible atmosphere.

The exhibition space runs along the Theaterpassage from busy Königstrasse to Oberer Schlossgarten. By removing the original partition walls, one side of the exhibition is open to the urban space, while the other side extends visually into the park. This exciting interaction of built space and (though artificial, nevertheless) parkland gives rise to a temporary exhibition space.

A tubular framework constructed of purely linear elements extends throughout the entire interior in a 2 x 2 meter grid. Maritime pine plywood panels suspended from the structure form floating wall and table-top zones, giving shape to a variety of spatial situations.

These elements create a workshop-like studio atmosphere, inviting close interaction between visitors and exhibits. The temporary spatial structure is 66 meters long and 22 meters wide. Consisting of 2.2 km of scaffold tubing with some 800 connectors and 190 panels of maritime pine plywood, all of which will be completely re-used after the exhibition closes.

Here Come the Models

4 Days Before the Opening

3 Days Before the Opening

2 Days Before the Opening

Day of the Opening


Photos: Lea Bauer, Senay Memet, Frank Ockert, Elisabeth Spieker



Petra Behnisch (Behnisch Architekten)
Mechthild Ebert (saai)
Senay Memet (saai)
Dr.-Ing. Elisabeth Spieker (Behnisch Architekten)

Copy Editing

Dr. Ilka Backmeister-Collacott

Preparation and Support of Models

Peter Jertschewske

Exhibition Production

Eicher Werkstätten, Kernen im Remstal

Media Engineering

Exhibition Design and Graphics

OUP Studio for Visual Communication
Anja Kropf
Edith Maier-Neretin
Frank Ockert
Thais Uchiyama Dieter
Lucy Wang

English Translation

Dr. Jeremy Gaines

Digital Reproduction

Christoph Engel (Studienwerkstatt Fotografie, KIT)
Bernd Seeland (Studienwerkstatt Fotografie, KIT)

Exhibition Installation

Decor+More, Fellbach

Reconstruction and Renovations

G&T Bauunternehmen, Stuttgart